I’m sick but I’m happy.


Today was the first time in over a week that I wrote anything.

It was another snippet of a scene for TV, and it was pretty interesting to write.

I knew there was a reason Stroud didn’t want to see the Tainted in the Barrens, and I knew it wasn’t because he was scared of her. After all, The Tainted are still effectively under Greenwood rule.

And then I was day dreaming while lying in bed trying to recuperate and I realised just exactly why Stroud didn’t want to talk with any of the Tainted, even if it wasn’t Kay Lin.

Oh, well that makes perfect sense, I thought.

And so I put it in.

Also, now that I’ve decided it’s unpublishable and I only have to write it for me, I can put in whatever I want. 😀

Once I’m done with this I think I’ll work on a stand-alone.  Perhaps I can rewrite Dream and Bone as a YA? And what if I make Nina as important as Richard? That could be cool. 😀

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