I’m a school marm


Well, I’m a home-schooler. People tend to assume that obviously this means I am a Christian fundamentalist who only allows my children out in public if they’re wearing virgin-white smocks that cover them from wrist to ankle. These people do not know me. *evilgrin*


But what I actually wanted to talk about is how being home can be really boring sometimes. There are days when school seems as much a chore for me as it is for the Spawn. Luckily these days are few and far between, and when they do happen, we can take reading-days and activity days and bake-many-many-cakes days and let’s-go-out-and-have-lunch days. Best of all, none of those days make me feel bad as a parent-teacher. My kids are still learning stuff, in sometimes not so obvious ways.


Writing’s a bit like that too. Mostly I can manage to thunk down a few words a day or edit a few pages and make some kind of progress, but those days when I stay in bed reading, or make cupcakes with my kids – they’re still writing days, you just have to change your mind-set.


What we’ve done in school this week:


Baked carrot cake. What better way to prove to spawn that carrots are not evil?





DIYed some paint out of grocery cupboard standbys and glitter.



This one’s for me. When it’s not school I get lazy with tea times, but when I get back into the swing of the things I love doing this – we have picnics at tea time.




And finally, today is such a gorgeous day. My garden is looking bedraggled because I basically live on a sand dune, so the grass needs love, but ignore that and enjoy the summery love. I think The Slave and I are going to head out for drinks after our mountain drive.

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