If you need me I’ll be playing Sims…


After a fair few false starts, I’ve come to realise that a new book is not happening right now.

But you know what? It’s all good. I have all ready got some feedback coming through for hob, which means much pondering and moments of “Oh! Of cooooouuurse!” I’m waiting on the revision notes for BW and when those come in I’ll have more than enough writing to do.

So why am I stressing so much about starting a new project? Why am I driving myself insane because I think the well has dried up? There’s no need. The well *always* refills. I have enough work to get on with anyway – Pax still isn’t finished, Dream and Bone could do with a good hacking…

Really Cat, enjoy the proceess. Life is too short to get upset about things that are beyond your control.

Go do a painting or design a mural. The garden wants some love and attention. Hell, knit a scarf, anything but wangst about the lack of writing progress.