icicle feet


It is wintery and I am cold. Unfortunately, the moment the sun is down my internal clock says GO TO SLEEP. It is 7 pm and I am ready to hibernate. Luckily I have this cold beer to see me through till at least oh…7:30 pm.

I’m busy rewriting a book, which is a strange exercise in KILL ALL POVs and try make another character more sympathetic and human (I am failing hard here, hahaha oh well).Also, my agent hinted at …wait no,my agent said please please let’s have some romance for the MC and I was all BUT THERE IS, and then I realised that only I could see it. Hah.

No-one tell Suzie that it’s staying a Doomed and Tragic romance, mmkay?

Okay enough waffle. Have a snippet instead. 😀

We can feel the hate emanating from Alice’s bulk. We have destroyed him, torn him in two, and he wants us to pay.

“Who?” says another voice, calm and emotionless as the icicles that form under eaves. The owl floats down, lands before us, and changes. A woman in white, she is the sky-ward soul of Idalis. She is sharp and small and thin and distant as her other half is vast and round and overbearing.

“Ida,” Sariken says. “I suppose you too want me to destroy them.”

She looks at us. “I should.”


She raises one shoulder, drops it. “I find myself not caring.” She turns on her toes like a dancer, all grace and speed. She reminds us of us. “I want one thing only; for Alice and myself to become what we were, to be reunited.”

Sariken shakes his head. “We would need the Amnio for that. I think we all know that is not an option.”

“Fine,” she says. She smiles with only one side of her face, while the other stays blank, as if it is not even listening to the conversation. “Then do what you want with them. I know Talim, he would not have time for a broken vessel.”

“I am not my brother,” Sariken says. “I think at least, they should live.”

“You’re an idiot, Sariken – you would let them live, knowing what they can unleash?” Alice says. He moves towards Ida, and their hands touch and for a moment it is almost as if they are one again.

“True.” Sariken folds his hands behind his back and stares down at the ruins about his feet. We, who do not feel fear, feel something close to it.

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  1. I always love your excerpts, and this one’s no exception. =) Very nice.

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