I wonder if I have post.


*trundles down to the mail box*

Alas. No.

I also have no idea what I want to work on. Hob is off to the various insane enthusiastic volunteers, and the Cape Town wolf book isn’t calling out to me with any great enthusiasm. I think that particular little romance is over. So I shall faff about with other things until I have some kind of direction. If anyone has suggestions on what I should work on, I’ll be glad to hear them. Maybe I should play with Dream and Bone again, see if I can make it readable.
Today was going to be the day I sorted out all my costuming for the upcoming four-five-who knows how many dances I’m in, and then the Slave told me that I have to pay for the car to be fixed. This means I’ve lost a month of costuming time. Buggery. Next month I’ll have to chain myself to the sewing machine.

Until the inspiration comes back or money starts falling from the sky, I shall go and pass the time playing with my hoop. You’re all jealous, yep.

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