I think it’s a map

It’s deluge time here in the Cape, so I am feeling all sorry for myself and waiting to be drowned. 😉


I took a break from working on the Super Sekrit Novel of Doom to draw a map. I blame the Musers, who all seem to making maps at the moment.

It’s kinda interesting how much it cements story logistics visually. I’m not usually a mapper, but I might do this more often.

my map. it is verra exciting.

Do you have any tricks or tools you use to help you visualise story or action?

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4 thoughts on “I think it’s a map”

  1. This is cool! I need to map. I’m nearing the end of my fantasy novel, but I definitely need a map to solidify things. Did you free hand that? I was never good at geography and gave it up in grade 10 🙁 I fear my mapping skills may leave much to be desired.

    1. yeah I just did it freehand and hoped for the best.

      I think there are mapmaking things online, but tbh, it sounded like more effort than just drawing a random blob and adding bits, 😉

      Maybe take a country like UK, and not copy it as such, but use it as a base, to give you confidence?

  2. I also have a map I use for the KAT AND MOUSE stories. Helps me keep consistency when noting locations and street names, internal story geography, all that good stuff.

    I also use a file of saved images I’ve dug up from the Interwebs. These are images of streets, buildings, and so on. For description purposes, particularly if I’m going for a specific “look.” Sometimes, I’ll go to a movie or sequence from a movie to find that “look” I need to describe.

    For some action sequences, especially involving cars, I will use props–Matchbox cars, pens, coins, etc. And I’ll choreograph it.

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