I need to know that I must trust


I have to trust the book.

I kept trying to make the book go in the direction it was supposed to go (well, according to me anyway) and as usual, I was stalling, Unable to work on it, because once again, I had the wrong ending. I always seem to do this: have an ending in mind that I never actually reach. Always, always, the book turns around and says. “I don’t think so honey,” and scoots off in its own direction.

So a lesson for 2008. Trust the book, Cat. It may not be using your map, but it knows where it’s going.

Wordcount total: 45 496

was talking about agents, and I saw someone mention their dream agent – it’s a term that bugs me, because while I do have a selection of agents that I think (hope) would make good fits, I don’t see the point in pinning all this hope on to one person – this dream agent.

Maybe that I’m slow, but if you have a dream agent, care to tell me a bit about your reasoning?

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