I love getting shinies in the post


Heh, look what came in the post today.



Also, check out the ratty black nail-polish. What am I – a twelve-year-old goth?


There would also be a copy of Dogsbody in there (my favouritest book ever, and one of the few that made me want to be a writer) but I’d have to pry it from the Slave’s cold dead fingers, so I’m not gonna risk it.

Nanoveling continues.  Snippeting happens.

Dame Tis unlatched the wide window behind her, and shoved it open. The smell of stone dust and pine trees swept into the previously stuffy room, and the swallow flew out and was gone.

Vicky watched it, then turned back to look at Jasper. She shook her head. “I’ve never trusted them,” she said. “Paper – of all things – we put our faith in paper. So easily broken.”

“We put our faith in men too,” said Jasper. “We all break in different ways.”

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It will happen, yes it will.

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