I just can’t get enough


Whoah yeah, first draft of the new BW is out to betas.

Hopefully none of them hate me forever after this. *grins*

So I can take a day’s break, catch up on some much-neglected beta reads that I owe others, and then I can jump back into hob.

Happy day!

Interestingly enough, I went scouting around for the girl I based Irene on (physically*! The girl in question is nowhere near as mental as Irene) and I found her art pages.

If BW sells, I’m most definitely going to use some of the cash to buy one of her paintings.

So, I wonder if it would be kinda weird to contact her… hmmm.

*Also, she’s not half-Greek, and she doesn’t have a unibrow, but I still totally picture her.


2 Replies to “I just can’t get enough”

  1. Good for you! Doesn’t it feel sooo good to finish the first draft? 🙂

  2. Yeah, except this is the second first draft of the same book, which kinda takes some of the triumph out 😀

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