I have an ending



I love it when the final words come to me, and solve all the weird plot threads that have been copulating and breeding.

Now, only 22k to reach the end bit.

Hmm…this is the painful part, I think, but I’m over the worst hump  so I know I can do it. Somehow. Gotta trust the book.

It amuses me to think that one day people might write fanfic making Irene and Rain a happy straight OTP.  I’d be tempted to read it just to see the logic.

The soundtrack for Tiny Violins grows longer by the day.  I now have:

Placebo – Protege-moi

The Cure – 10:15 Saturday Night

NIN – Into The Void

Dead Can Dance – I am Stretched On Your Grave

Thom Yorke and PJ Harvey – This Mess We’re In (which I think I may have used in BW, so will probably have to go. I don’t feel like looking at BW ever again, so I’m not checking until I have to.)

Massive Attack – Protection

Tricky – Overcome

…and at some point, another remix of Protection.

anyone have some suitable trip-hop, synthy, angsty, indie songs to add to the list?

Also, any Nirvana song, but I’m leaning toward the more sad and out of place accoustic-ness of the unplugged album (yeah, I know. Shut up.)

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