I am a pioneering failure

So today’s art-project for school was to make butter from cream.

Easy, right?

Unfortunately, not if you’re me. *sadface* Also, now my arms are very sore.

Anyway, I am seeking solace in a nice cold beer, and the Slave and I are gonna watch Kagemusha tonight (He’s been on at me for a while to watch it, says if nothing else I’ll love the costuming.) So there’s that, then DEATH MARCH SATURDAY (in which I plough through the last 100 pages of my final revision) followed by PARTY SUNDAY where we celebrate the Younger Sprog turning three, and swim and frolic and braai.

Hmm, actually, that sounds like a weekend made of pure unadulterated awesome. 😀

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2 thoughts on “I am a pioneering failure”

  1. How did you do it? In kindergarten, we filled a mason jar half full of cream and shook it for ten minutes until it turned grainy.

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