I am a cactus?


A bunch of things:

I never realised America had a rectangular state. I’m baffled as to how something like that happens. Colorado, please to be explaining this?

The Fix reviews Jabberwocky 3, and calls This Reflection Of Me disturbing. Oh all right then. Yay me!

I’m rereading The Neverending Story (because I can) and this bit made me happy inside

He didn’t like books in which dull, cranky writers describe humdrum events in the very humdrum lives of humdrum people. Reality gave him enough of that kind of thing, why should he want to read about it? Besides, he couldn’t stand it when a writer tried to convince him of something. And these humdrum books, it seemed to him, were always trying to do just that.

That’s why, in a nutshell, cat likes to write fantastical things. Amen.

It is raining.

Today, six years ago, is when I was approached in Crazy Cats by a rather crazy cat, who I ended up marrying. He asked me if I could read, and it was offence at first chat. *waves at *

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