It’s looking more and more official – we will be returning to Cape Town.

I feel relief, happiness, and yeah, a certain amount of stress, but for the most part the energy is positive.

I definitely won’t be staying in my old hunting grounds, thank god.

Do not be fooled by the apparent pretty – Sea Point (unless you live up on the slopes) is a shit-hole full of drug-dealers and cross-dressing prostitutes…

(Actually, I’m just being a bitch now, I loved living in Sea Point back when I was a drunken student and waiter, but raising kids there…eh…not so much.)

The idea is to move down to the southern peninsula, which ironically takes me closer to my childhood home (I grew up in Sun Valley, which is up road from Fish Hoek)

So hopefully home will look more like this.

I’m incredibly excited, and I really think it will be the best thing for us to move back. So everyone please hold thumbs that we can rent out our Joburg place lickety-split, and get down to CT by April. 😀

Pics come from – turtlesa (ooh and these cruises are fun – if you ever go to CT do go on one and do the sunset champagne cruise YAY! Plus you’ll probably see little pingus swimming about and I loff pingus)

and – Claude Schneider (A photo blog with many more beautiful shots PLUS PINGUS!)

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