Hugo-running and back from that place by the sea.


Back from holiday – much to talk about, but my brain is a mess right now. All full of stuff and memories. It was truly excellent to see friends and family that I hadn’t seen in far too long. I missed you guys so hard, let me say. I’m craving a move back to the city that always sleeps.

Finally finished the Alfred Bester.  Um. Yeah. Some cool ideas and frenetic moments of writing where I really got into the immersive quality of the narrative. But dear god, the relationships…. *headdesks repeatedly* I am more than vaguely squicked.

So Wiki says my next Hugo winner to read is They’d Rather Be Right by Mark Clifton and Frank Riley. This is 1955’s. So what happened to 1954? Anyway, I don’t have it, so I’m jumping to 1956, to Heinlen’s Double Star.

If a man walks in dressed like a hick and acting as if he owned the place, he’s a spaceman.

Okay. I like that. It’s got voice.

Oh and I scrapped Firedancer – ha. What fun. It’s all good, I’m writing scrapped firedancer at the moment.

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