We have a place to rent. Can I hear a woohoo?

I’m so relieved, even though it means we have no furniture or basics (we have lots of books, i will make book-furniture), all those are just minor inconveniences.

I can suffer in order to hang on to the shreds of my sanity. 😀

Plus, it’s exciting to be starting over with a clean slate, not burdened by the slow accumulation of worthless stuff. In the same way, I’m pretty thrilled to be get started on the next revision of Hob – I’m mapping out some new concepts, and even though it could well mean another large chunk of rewrites, I know it’s going to make this book so much better. Right now, I’m just mind-doodling, thinkingof things, jotting down some ideas, and seeing what sticks. Already I’m looking at one mid-level-major change, and I’m sure more will still come to me.

The only thing I’m having a hard time figuring out is what to cut. I’m pretty certain that two of my minor charcters can be done away with…possibly even four. And omg it just came to me.


okay that’s going to be  a big change.



okay, imma leave off this blog post and go write plot-noodle a bit.

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    1. image searching for book furniture brings up some of the MOST amazing bookshelves though. I think I might become a shelf junkie. 😀

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