Homeschooling tree


Busy prepping for the 2015 school year, and one of the ideas I came up with while walking, was this tree.

homeschool tree

I painted this today (that’s our school room wall, also known as the dining room to normal people), with the idea that when school starts I will make leaves from three different colour cards. Tentatively these cards are green, orange and pink, but we’ll see what the shop has 😛

The plan is for at the beginning of each week for both Spawn to write on a green leaf a goal for the week (can be big or small) and on the orange one a little idea or suggestion to make school better.

At the end of the week they will write something they’re proud of achieving on a pink leaf. Slowly through the year we should see our tree coming into leaf.

I might add teacher cards like birds or fruit for things I think of through the year, still mulling that thought around.

Anyway, both Spawn are very excited about the project, and that’s a good way to start off a year.

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