Home Disasters and other Sprog Experiments.


If you’re a parent there are times when “look what I done!” is a good thing.

And then there are times when it ain’t.

Elder Sprog came into the lounge, grinning proudly and said these fateful words. “Look at Tanith’s hair! She asked me to cut it for her.”

Cue heart attack.

So Wee Emo Sprog was smiling from ear to ear, sporting a head of almost-hair that made her look like a collie with mange, while her sister demonstrated all the finer aspects of this amazing haircut for me.

When I could breathe again, I did my best to make the hair look vaguely normal. Needless to say, two year olds are not the most co-operative of home salon clients.

And here, the victim, with the evil perp in the background.


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