Hobverse? Maybe stop being lazy, yeah?


So I actually tweeted this then I realised I am thickety-thick and I should just blog about it because 10+ tweets about the Hobverse is asking to get twitter-punched.

I noticed on goodreads that someone has changed the title of When the Sea is Rising Red to include the words (Hobverse #1). Which is cool and awesome and also makes me feel like a tit for not actually bothering to stop calling them that. A long long time ago, I wrote a book called Hob an Lam. (Some people read it, they liked it, it made my agent at the time suggest I look for a new agent. LOLLERSKATES.) Then I wrote some other books set in the same world and I started calling them the Hobverse books. Because:  lazy.

Anyway, since the hobverse books are not an actual series in the traditional sense of the word, and more a collection of related stories set in the same world with some shared characters, I never really bothered to create a “series” name. (There is one now though:  The Books of Oreyn.)

But yes, Hob an Lam *will* be coming out (next year, I’m hazy on stuff) and it got renamed about two years ago so it’s now called Bones Like Bridges so if you have a vague memory of Jek and Sel and Calissa and Mal and Iliana and the great invading Mekekana ships…well um, yeah, it’s that one. The one that starts with a burning on Lander’s Common.

My precious. *pets book in an unhealthy way*

And there’s another that has been first drafted and revised and is ready to go on the editing merry-go-round, called Empty Monsters and yeah I kinda love it. Sorry.

*gets inappropriate with some words*

And as you can see, none of the books have Hob in the title anymore so…. yeah. Hey. Hobverse works for me. 😀

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