Hello Muizenberg!


It’s autumn now, so we’re getting our days of drizzly rain and sweeping sea mist, but being Cape Town, we also get this:

I’m loving the new place. We’re about a slow twenty minute walk from the beach, and better yet – fifteen from the library. My poor neglected card can see some action again. Yeah, baby.


In the spirit of biblioteekish celebration, I have launched myself on a reread (mostly) of Stephen King’s Dark Tower. King is a total hero to me. Even when he’s off his game he still manages to write engaging crap. I say this having read Tommyknockers three times. No, I don’t know why I did that.


But when he’s on, HE’S ON.

Unf. The Gunslinger is awesome, that is all.

If you disagree with me we can simply never get married and have puppies together.


And more proof of King’s awesome – 30 Pieces of Wisdom from King Novels.

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