Hello little book, where have you been hiding?


Today’s being a stupid day.

Went to go pay Hellskum (yep, we forgot) and I couldn’t because I somehow have not got the important piece of the seven page bill that has the exact arrangement of magic numbers needed to allow bill-payment. Of course, I only discovered this after standing in a queue for twenty minutes.

Got home to try write, and kids are driving me up the freaking wall. I want to get them cages, or tiny infant-sized iron-maidens. I’m not fussy.

After much dithering, I finally managed to get 2020 words down on hob an lam, which is limping along. People are swearing at each other. A lot. Which I guess counts towards tension. Still, today’s wordage brings us to 37 646, which means progress is being made. Middles are such pains.

Seeing as how we’re already about a third of the way through January I decided to carry on querying Dream And Bone. Which I realise is never going to sell. Woe is me and all that shit.

Anyway, deep breath now, because Black Wings has been composting, so today I am about to plunge headlong into the murky depths and try to find the plot. I want to have this ready to go to betas by the end of Jan. Scary scary.

Whee! Made Skype work and got to chat to Kat in Canberra. Awesomeness indeed.

Eek! first pass through first chapter is now down. Slave caught some timing errors, but that’s all that really stuck out. The sentences are a bit choppy, but that’s Irene’s voice.

I dunno if there’s anyone who wants to do a chapter by chapter beta? Uh, just let me know if you’re a willing test subject.

In the meantime, I will reward myself with a biscuit.

ETA: people willing to suffer for my art can contact me at catshortridge at gmail dot com

Thanks guys.

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