Gotta be everything more.


There’s something about me that I’m pretty ashamed of…yeah. I hate betaing.

Really, I never know if I’m giving too little and so being completely useless, or giving too much, and so being completely useless.

But I do it, kinda, because it’s a good thing for both parties.

And today I sat in front of a piece and bawled my eyes out.

Not because it was so bad, but because it was so damn good. Magical Realism, yes, so probably not to everyone’s taste, and there were one or two issues I caught, but really if this piece doesn’t sell somewhere, then I’ll think there’s something very wrong with the world.

This piece just punched me, hard; an emotional fist to the face and I’m still reeling.

So to that writer, who I hope knows who she is, I’ll be watching what happens with your career and hoping that it’s not just me.

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