Give me my goddamn Bloody Mary now


As a failed artist, I’m always jealous of what other people can do. Go have a look at Amanda Palmer’s latest blog post for some wonderful photography (among other things). My favourite is the pic of Zoe.

Further proof that I am a sprog-corrupter, and that one day I will be paying for all their therapy.

Cat is at the computer, says: “I need another cigarette, dammit!”*

In the background, wee sprog voice pipes up with “Janet!”

Fueled on by vodka and nicotine, The Whine Of Tiny Violins Dogs Me Through My Morose Existence Of Moroseness now sits at just over 50k. Sweet sweet creamy awesomesauce is mine.

And as for New Year’s Resolutions, I still haven’t made any, so I resolve to give that up as a bad job.

* Yes, I announce these things, this despite the fact that my box of fags is sitting right at my elbow.

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