Ghost in the Cogs


Broken Eye Books are releasing an anthology of ghostly steampunk:  “Ghosts. Gaslight. Gears.” as they put it.

It has a great cover that I’m really loving:


And a very cool list of stories:

  • Siobhan Carroll, “Asmodeus Flight”
  • Folly Blaine & Randy Henderson, “Hiss”
  • Jessica Corra, “The Misplaced Body of Fitzhugh Alvey”
  • Howard Andrew Jones, “The Ghost Pearl”
  • Emily C. Skaftun, “Frænka Askja’s Silly Old Story”
  • Elsa S. Henry, “Edge of the Unknown”
  • Eddy Webb, “The Blood on the Walls”
  • Nayad Monroe, “Tipping Point”
  • Jonah Buck, “T-Hex”
  • Erika Holt, “The Monster”
  • Wendy Nikel, “The Book of Futures”
  • Parker Goodreau, “Death Wish”
  • Christopher Paul Carey, “City of Spirits”
  • T. Mike McCurley, “Team 17”
  • Scott Fitzgerald Gray, “The Litany of Waking”
  • Richard Dansky, “Labor Costs”
  • Nick Mamatas, “The Twentieth-Century Man”
  • Spencer Ellsworth, “Clockwork of Sorrow “
  • Liane Merciel, “Lady in the Ghastlight”
  • Richard Pett, “Cuckoo”
  • James Lowder, “The Shadow and the Eye”
  • Cat Hellisen, “Golden Wing, Silver Eye”

And as you can see I’m in there too, though my story is not Victoriana Steampunk but rather set in the same world as my novel Three Dog Dreaming, where toymakers who infuse clockwork with magic study at the Floating University, and the lotus-city of Pal-em-Rasha is the centre of the world.

Golden Wing, Silver Eye is about roosters, and being in love – with your art, and with your other – and it starts like this….

It is winter in Pal-em-Rasha and all the roosters have been strangled.

I’m quite looking forward to having this anthology in my library, and you can pre-order here on Amazon.

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