Gearing up


Are you getting ready for nanowrimo?


I said I wasn’t but I am a colossal liar and I have an idea, so I’ll be fast drafting a zero draft during November.

My notes are fun. I’m *having* fun. This is promising.

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3 Replies to “Gearing up”

  1. Bout 70% geared up. You earn a free “yay” for doing NaNo. So: yay!
    (Will admit, thought of docking you the “yay” because you’re a colossal liar, but I guess I’m just a big softy)

  2. Fun definitely helps. 🙂 I have been pretty lazy about planning, so this is going to be an even-more-half-assed (less-assed?) draft than I normally get out of it. Of course, I still have a few days….

  3. I’m doing a bit of a “cheat” version of NaNo this year. I never win when attempting an entire novel, so I figured on Nov. 1, I’ll take my current WIP word count, subtract it from 50k, then divide that number by 30. The result will be my daily word count toward finishing ATWL by the end of November. As of right now, I’m guessing I’ll need to do about 800 words a day to complete the manuscript, which–for me–will be a challenge.

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