First Lines


I’ve been trying to get my writing folder in something resembling order, and I figured I’d post my first lines through the years. Some of them are beyond embarrassing. I’m doing this for you. So you can laugh at me and feel superior.


The Shattered Tower (this was my very first book, part of my grand fantasy trilogy. LOLZERS)

All around Dinah, the trees were crisply garbed in gold and occasional splashes of red.

The Bitter Sea (possibly THE worst book i have ever written)

Nyeni stood at the top of the stairs, holding the Kraken door open.

March (the first book where I started to feel something like MY voice and themes coming through)

“You will do it, of course?” Viveca pushed herself up onto one elbow and stared across the dim room. “Kill her?”

Dream and Bone

The dead didn’t clap as Bernard stepped down from the podium, his dandelion hair glowing in the spotlights.


The Lady’s temple was only half-lit.

A Crown of Falling Leaves (wooh CLUNKY, but this was my very first first POV)

I sit at my father’s table and look at his head torturer.

Black Wings

Another handful of hair drops to the ground

Hob an lam

There’s going to be a burning down on Lander’s Common.

Mapping the Dream

The King is dead. Long live the King.

The Whine of Tiny Violins Dogs Me Through My Morose Existence of Moroseness. (or: Rain) (i can’t find it…oh dear, lol)

Fuck magic.

Sea Rose Red

She’s not here.

Nulled and Void

A melange of citrus and almond scent almost throttles me when I open the tiny back door of the restaurant.

Paper Teeth

There had been three of them in the womb before Louise ate her sister.

The Madness of the Heart

Dawn in the Ives’ household was eerily quiet.

The Melancholy Raven

The house on Ivy is not at all what I expected

Death Kid

The empress wasn’t a real empress, being only sixteen

So there you have it. Anyone else wanna have a go?

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  1. I’ll do it in the comments I suppose:

    It was quiet on the overpass.

    Historical records will tell you that the flood started at 4:29 PM on the afternoon of May 12th, 2005.

    From the Ashes:
    Some people said it was God that destroyed the world.

    Clay Trolls:
    If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in my 12 years, it’s that you never mess with an Israeli nanny.

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