Find the yay and suck it up like spilled vodka


Wooh, so I’m finally getting stuck into writing again. I’ve been doing some sprints against my muser people and remembering what it’s like to enjoy writing, instead of agonising over everything.

(oh, editing, how you kill my belief in myself)

So today’s snippet is from Firedancer, and yeah first draft and all that jazz.

The teacher steps up to the front if the hall, and stares down the rows of students. She’s sour-faced, old, her hair up in a prim little bun. “Before we begin,” she says, in a crackling voice like stamped-on autumn leaves, “I’d like you all to bow your heads.”

Oh no way. I glance backwards, trying to catch The Eye’s attention, but I can’t spot him. All around me, the students are obediently lowering their heads in prayer. No way. I am not going to pray to some demi-god with delusions of grandeur.

Then again, I also don’t want people thinking I’m a heretic or anything. Shit. I bow my head, but refuse to close my eyes. Then it’s like I’m not really praying, I tell myself. No need to give the Emperor more power than he already has.

The Emperor. GodKing of Cero city.

The Teacher begins a slow prayer, calling on the Divine Truth to guide us through our exams. The seventeenth avatar of the Nameless one; the child of the sixth King of Cero and a goddess no-one remembers, except as a divine womb. Because of that half-breed, my people, my parents, my family – are illegals.


In other exciting news, I’ll be getting a new headset and sims 3 on Wednesday. Yeah, I know.


Basically, don’t expect to see me online for a while.

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