Favourite Childhood Books


Thinking back to the days when I would take out six books on my library card, then return the following day to take out another six, and the hold those stories had on me.


Some I remember reading over and over, although I probably couldn’t even tell you now what they were about. Others have made it into my read-forever list, and get hauled out every so often for a refresher.


If it had magic, or animals, or magic AND animals, I was probably sold.


A bunch of animals join forces to help each other travel to a reserve when their forest is bulldozed. Yep. I adored it. Take your cynicism elsewhere. 😀

Dogsbody remains one of my favourite all-time reads. The dragon dogs in When the Sea is Rising Red are a deliberate nod to the Wild Hunt dogs, which obviously Diana Wynne Jones lifted straight from mythology. But oh! The things she does with them.

Yep. Enid Blyton. I was never into her other stuff so much, but I loved the Famous Five. Well, let’s be honest. I loved George.

If you’re at all familiar with the Famous Five, you’ll spot a cookie in WtSiRR. (I do this a lot? Oh dear…)

This was the first of the Dark is Rising Books I read (yep, I read lots of books out of order. This is what happens with libraries. And no, I still haven’t learned patience). That cover sticks in my memory and I remember being awed by it, and loving all of Cooper’s books. Amazing writer. LOVE.

Another one read out of order. Tombs of Atuan was the first of the Earthsea books I read. Obviously, I became addicted.


What are some of your battered and beloved childhood books?

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3 Replies to “Favourite Childhood Books”

  1. Every time I hear Greensleeves I think of “The Dark is Rising;” I still have four Susan Cooper books (not book 5 — I didn’t like the way she ended things! 🙂 on my shelf, waiting for the next generation. I still have a few Madeleine L’Engle books as well, but that’s about it for ones from my distant youth. Oh, and this one:


    About a girl who can make the stone animals of New York come to life. I loved this book with the fierceness common to awkward, overly imaginative young girls from broken families 🙂 and I have never been able to bring myself to get rid of it.

  2. I loved the Animals of Farthing Wood TV series, but I never read the books. I read lots of Famous Five novels though, and The Secret Seven as well.

    I only read Dogsbody recently (last year, I think) but I loved it. Diana Wynne Jones was something of a re-discovery from me. One of my favourite childhood novels was The Power of Three, but I’d forgotten the title (all I could remember was “Three” which is useless) and author. I remembered enough about the plot for someone to guess the rest on LibraryThing though so I decided to try other Jones novels. Howl’s Moving Castle was lovely.

    Childhood favourites? So many – I also took out a pile of books and went back for more the next day. Loved the Narnia series, Black Unicorn by Tanith Lee, the Hardy Boys, the Tomorrow series by John Marsden.

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