Fair Warning


I’m doing nano, like the fool I am.

So, rather like the rest of the known Internets, my posts will be filled with the excitement of wordcounts and random snippets. I like nano, I like the freedom to stop worrying about being crap, and just write. It’s a great way for me to get my first draft down, because ultimately, my first draft is a long and rambling outline that I then go  in and patch and fill and chop and play with.

You have been warned.

Before I plunge in, though, here’s a pic of myself and The Slave from Hallowe’en.

uh yeah, and I married him. the end.
uh yeah, and I married him. the end.

And now that that’s over with, here’s the dreaded word-count and opening para.

3 400 / 50 000


Before Louise ate her sister there were three of them in the womb – curled around each other, blind and pink as drowned mice. While Louise may not remember that slow absorption, that cannibalistic introduction to her world, she has always been plagued by a nameless guilt. She acts it out in small ways: in making sure that her younger siblings are fed, that their shirts and trousers are clean, that their homework is done. She holds their hands in the shelters and sings to them – sings cheerful-on-the-surface war songs as the madness bombs fall around them and turn New Londinium to so much rubble and dust.

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