Empty Monsters: The End is Nigh


I’ll soon have my final copy in hand, and e-ARCS are already winging their way to prospective reviewers, so I am super excited to announce that a new, stand alone HOBVERSE novel will be available in print and ebook format on the 27th February 2018.

I’m sharing a book birthday with long-time crit partner and fellow South African fantasy writer Nerine Dorman. Her Afro-fantasy novella THE FIREBIRD will be out on the same day as EMPTY MONSTERS, so that should be a fab day for readers of our genre.


Aden Onnery is the eldest son of a family of midwives who use their power to eradicate magic. As a boy, he was never meant to take on the Onnery mantle, but an accident of birth has left him marked and strange. His whole life he has believed that the Onnerys destroy the monsters that will bring the end of his people, until he is forced to enter into a bargain with a magical survivor.

In order to save his sister from the harsh law of the colonial powers, Aden chooses to enter the world outside his experience and go against everything he has been taught to believe. He must help save the very thing his family are meant to exterminate—a magical lineage in his people. In doing so, Aden will confront the truth that the monsters are his own family.

EMPTY MONSTERS weaves magic, family, and love into a bitter tonic about growing up and accepting that even the best intentions can exact a terrible price, and love is never simple.

If you’ve been a Patron, you are almost at the end of the serialised novel, and I’ll have a wee surprise in store for you on release day to say thank you. I can’t wait.  😀

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