Email hell


I’m not winning here with the email thing.

My telkom account seems to be very dodge and I received so few responses to queries that I was beginning to suspect that there was something amiss. Now, I know a non-response to a query is agent-speak for no thanks, but the percentage of non-responses was higher than other people have mentioned – in other words, I’m getting the silent treatment from agents who have sent other people form rejections, and that makes me wonder.

So I decided to start sending from my gmail account instead. And today I see that Fantasy Magazine has sifted through their December subs and rejected all of them, basically. Which means my story was a no thanks, and I can’t find a rejection email. *sigh* I’ve checked my spam folder in case – nothing. This is making me very depressed (not the rejection – the missing emails.) How many times have I been considered rude because I haven’t responded to something, and meanwhile, I never actually received it.

It’s driving me up the wall, and I have no idea how to actually deal with it. I mean, sending out mass emails asking “did you get my previous email?” is a beyond stupid.

Oh, if anyone is reading on beyond this little rant – I had an awesome New Years. Hope you did too.

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