Do not feed the ninja vodka


Less than a week and things are beginning to settle into place.

School with the sprogs is going well. I’m on page 50 of my revisions (I had a great idea to make my book stronger and I’m weaving it in at the moment.)

We’re going to view a house on Thursday, so everyone hold thumbs that it’s cool and we get it. ‘Cause much as I love The Slave’s parents and appreciate them putting us up, I REALLY need my own space. I mean, I have the glee soundtrack on repeat to try and keep me in a smiley mood and not turn into crazypersonfromhell. Also, I have vodka. but, yanno, I think that starting on that while schooling the sprogs might be frowned on.

Just possibly.

But otherwise, i’m ecstatically happy. the weather has been delicious, I’m full of ideas for fine-tuning this manuscript, and when that’s done I’m going to go over the agent revisions for Hob and be all YEAH BOOK SUCK IT IMMA DEEEESTROY YOU and go in there like a ninja. A ninja PIRATE.

okay this blog post is going off into the wild now, because I need to blow my nose (woooh THE PLAGUE IT HAS ME) and go stare at my vodka bottle or something.