Did you get an ereader for Christmas?


Oh good.

South African writers can be really hard to get hold of outside The Country, but more and more SA publishers are making the books available as ebooks. (hush, it takes us a while to catch up sometimes.)

There’s a huge range of fiction coming out of SA – from the things you’d expect, like political, heavy-hitting, narrative journalism, to completely alternate world fantasy.

So here are two very different books to look at and add to your ereader.

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Loss has left Ella Spinner alone to care for her husband, Bart, who suffers from clinical depression. Their days now echo the tides: any progress made, rolls back. Yet Ella keeps pushing against the monotony. Set in Mossel Bay, Ella’s day begins like any other. But on this day the minutes begin to crack allowing change to filter through. As we cheer on her tenacity, we’re left asking ourselves what motivates anyone to try again.

Tiah Beautement is an American-Brit living on the Garden Route with her South African husband, kids, dog and a flock of chickens. In between her own writing, she helps run Short Story Day Africa. This Day (Modjaji 2014) is her second novel. She’s @ms_tiahmarie  on twitter.BeautementSmall

Going from contemporary adult novels to fantastical middle grade, we come to


The Guardians Wyrd
Sometimes having a fairytale prince as a best friend can be a real pain.
Jay didn’t realise that sticking up for Rowan, the gangly new kid at school, would plunge him into the dangers and politics of the magical realm of Sunthyst. But if anyone is up for the challenge it’s Jay September. With his trusty dog, Shadow, at his side, he braves the Watcher in the dark that guards the tunnels between the worlds, and undertakes a dangerous quest to rescue the prince.
It’s a race against time – can he sneak Prince Rowan away from under King Lessian’s nose and bring him safely back home – all before the prince’s sixteenth birthday? Or is Rowan’s mother, the exiled Queen Persia, secretly trying to hold onto her power by denying her son his birthright?
Jay is ready for anything, except, perhaps, the suffocating darkness of the tunnels. And that howling …
Nerine Dorman considers herself a human doing rather than a human being, which suits her fine, because she has a broad range of interests, including music, literature, history, magic, gardening and looking after her pets (which includes a husband). Her favourite genres include fantasy, horror and SF. She is currently studying for her BA in Creative Writing through Unisa, and works for a newspaper publisher when she’s not editing or writing.




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