deadline looming


So just about everyone I know ever is doing nano.

(and if you don’t know what nano is – it’s national novel writing month, and it’s the reason all the flists and twitter feeds and fb status updates are going to be boring as fuck next month. It is also IMMENSE fun, so scurry over to and sign up, yes?)

My first nano taught me that I could actually write a first draft in a month. It also hooked me an agent, but less about that later. AAAANYWAY, some years I look at what I wrote and go jesus honey never again, (like…uh last year’s and the one after the one good one) and other years my nano fill me with deligh- um.

Its fills me with something, okay.

This year I’m up for it again (mainly because i needed to do a reading for a horror thingy* and I had nothing vaguely horror-like, so i wrote an opening and decided hmmm nano yes please). Excitement. It has filled me. *g*
And in the true spirit of the event, it looks like whole bunch of the Musers are writing ghost/horror stories. So yeah, this could be our very own year without a summer.
So it’s off to go do some plot-noodling, and I’ll catch you all at the write-ins.

*This horror thingy is the SA Horrorfest, and there’s gonna be a storytelling of ravens writers, and the one with the best reading doesn’t die.

It’s going to be at the Book Lounge in town (that’s Cape Town, the only town, apparently. :D) which is a nifty little venue, and it looks like there are gonna be some cool people there. The whole Horrorfest event includes film and suchlike. So yeah, check it out.

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