Day 04 – Your favourite book of your favourite series


Okay, yeah I’ve been slacking, hush.


So the favourite series place was won by Earthsea, and my favourite of the series is probably the one most people don’t like. Ha. Not because I’m being difficult, but because I like it for the poetic rhythms and because ultimately it’s the story of a girl who is freed from her indoctrination.


Ged’s still there, but he’s just a catalyst, and the book is really Tenar’s. Beyond that, so much is said without being said; there are some beautiful moments where Le Guin has just left implication there, and moved on. It’s a skill I wish I had.


I think the major complaint people have is the pace of the narrative, and that the plot is well.. yeah. That never bothered me. Not when I first read it as a child, not all the times I read it again, and not when I reread it yesterday. I dunno. Maybe I can’t explain why I love the book, because I don’t have to and that’s good enough.


Also, I really liked Ged in this. He’s a different person from what he was in A Wizard of Earthsea: tempered, he can see his own foolishness, but he’s still far from perfect.

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