I have a tendency to watch loads of dance clips on youtube. Normally I post the links on facebook, but since my ‘book is locked I figured I should start posting them here for posterity.

They are varied in nature. My background is oriental dance, so I have no “formal” training (get a bunch of belly dancers together and ask them if it’s an Omi or an Umi or a Horizontal Figure Eight. Then make popcorn), so my taste in what’s good is purely my own.

Basically, I’m going to post the stuff that makes me smile.

Here’s a video of a dance I first discovered through Brianna at This is the five year reprise, and I kinda love it more than the original.

It’s the Lindy Hop…with a twist. Performed by Tommy Blacharz and Max Pitruzella.

And in writerly stuff, via the wonderful and talented Beth Bernobich10 words you need to stop misspelling.

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