Daily tea time: a reasoning


If you follow me on twitter, you’ve probably been spammed with pictures of food. Sorry. 😛


The #dailyteatime came about mainly because I needed a highlight to my day. I stay home and write, and homeschool my spawn, and deal with the Sisyphean task of laundry and housework. Together that’s a recipe for melt-down. I needed one up moment in between the drudgery, and I also wanted to give the spawn a cool little break in the middle of their work.


And so I started doing little picnics at tea time, basically just tarting up the juice and sandwich and apple a bit. Slowly they became a little more elaborate, and would buy slightly more expensive fruits and make them last over several tea times. I realised if you give tiny bits of a lot of things, you can combine them in all sorts of interesting ways.


Then I started taking pics as a kind of spur to keep them creative. They are hardly amazing foodporn of the highest order, but considering my budget, I’m pretty happy with them.


Part of the fun is also finding new dishes to serve things in. Today, for example, I found this wooden bowl in the second hand store for R5.

I gave it a scrub, oiled it up, washed it again, and then introduced it to the wonderful world of picnicking.


Here’s today’s tea time. Custard yoghurt with bananas, home-made bread with mozzarella and tomato, pear, mango, pineapple juice.






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