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#createsmallThis morning I was having one of my daily meltdowns where I decide I can’t do anything and everything I try I will fail at.

Half the problem is trying to finish huge projects in one go, or having big dreams and not fully grasping the concept that it takes small steps to realise them. So I made a self-motivational series of tweets. And they really were for me, because I always learn best when I’m pretending to help others.

And #createsmall was born. It’s just a wee thing right now, but friends have already started tweeting lines of poems, scribbles, the starts of art projects, and I really hope we can turn this into something regular on a Tuesday.

I found a small wooden frame in the charity shop, and made a little guinea pig picture for Younger Spawn’s birthday present as part of my #createsmall challenge, and I love that feeling of having accomplished something creative today, it helps lift that black cloud a little, and some days a little is a lot.

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