Costuming stuff.


Ohgod dress rehearsal on Sat. *has breakdown*


Tassel belt

Most of the green and black belt

Green 1 circle skirt

Red 3 circle skirt

Harem Pants

To do:

Blue choli

Black choli

Tribal bra

Blue 3 circle skirt. (ahhhhhfrickinghell) – What was I thinking? This thing is hell, and I am paying for all my past transgressions... Yay -DONE! (well, except for the hemming, but I need to hang the skirt for a bit before I can do that.)

Finish the beading on the green and black belt

Do the fringing for the fusion belt. Whee!

Okay, brekkers, and then I get started, yes?

Eta: Okay, darling Bee came to visit, so I’m a leetle behind. I’m going to do all the beading tonight, and do the cholis tomorrow.

But for Salamet, who asked, here are some pics. This is the circle skirt, and the tassel belt. The colour has come out a bit weird in these, but those super-fantastic red harem pants that I made earlier are supposed to go under this.

And I’ve done the fringing on one side of the fusion belt/panel skirt thing, and this is it. (and the circle skirt again, as you can see.) It’s not really clear, but the material is this fantastic Chinese brocade. So pretty and shiny.

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