Cooking with Sprogs, and other interesting career choices.

Back to homeschooling today, after ten days of sprog-free shenanigans.

The Elder Sprog started learning cooking today, and for lunch we made (with Younger Sprog’s assitance and supervision) snack kebabs: basically a variety of cold meats, cheeses, raw veggies and fruit on sticks.

Seems to have gone down very well as Kitchen Experiment Number 1.

And now I need to clean up the aftermath and then we get to do some maths and reading. OH ANd LAUNDRY. Can life get any more glamorous?!

Presumably only on Thursday, when I haul out the rubbish for collection.

On the wordage front, the grand rewrite of scrapped firedancer has begun. Now with 2 POVs! And a five year jump! Added value for money!

Project of newness – 1577/90 000. I should be done with the first draft by the end of November, unless I start slacking off again.


Em and Gab will be out here somewhere, twinned up. I hate that shit that leaves me a fractured part of a trinity. We’re supposed to be the magnificent three, the steps for the holy throne of the one that was, and instead, Em and Gab have paired off to share a heart and brain and liver and whatever the fuck else they do, and I’m all part but not part.

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2 thoughts on “Cooking with Sprogs, and other interesting career choices.”

  1. Cooking with kids can be a blast! Do you make “ants on a log”? Some kind of soy or nut butter on celery and then sprinkle zombie fruit (raisins) on top.

    Fruit salad is always a hit also.

    Today at the preschool where I work we made applesauce in a crock pot with the kids. I took in my apple peeler. It was fun we measured how long the strips of apple peel were.

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