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I dunno why I bother titling as they’re all called Auto Post

It’s apparently winter in Cape Town.

Yes, well. My memories of Cape Town winters are of something far wetter and colder and windier. Granted, today is 15C but I swear this is a pretty amazing winter we’re having so far.

run away, run away

Yep, it’s obviously winter.

We also went for drinks at Cape To Cuba, something I swore I would never do again after they were so damn rude to me the last time I went, but The Brass Bell was full, and I couldn’t be arsed to go looking for somewhere else. Fwiw, they were less twuntish this time around, and the Slave and I will be going back there sans sprogs for  some serious ‘tini drinking.

Here the Slave enjoys some random Cuban (apparently) beer.

Arr!  Beeer!

Life, you can be so unhelpful sometimes.

So District 9 finally comes out in South Africa today…

and we’re flat broke. Ah well.

How did we manage to start off the month broke, you may ask. Simple really; our geyser needs to be replaced. So that’s fun.

Oh and The Slave needs new glasses.

Oh and I still need to buy a bunch of stuff for AB.


I’m also looking for excuses to make this: Icebox Cake

I figure Sprog the Elder’s birthday will be a good time to practice my not-cake making skills.

Do YOU think The Slave is working?


Enquiring minds want to know.

And now I must go hang up that laundry before the sun is all gone.