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She shoots, she scores!

A wonderful writer friend of mine, after much rewriting, hand-wringing, revising, querying and general hard work, has scored herself a fabulous agent.

Elissa has signed with Sarah Davies of Greenhouse, so go over to her blog and read about it and say congrats!

That the rock in this pocket could cause your fall

It’s a bit of a link-fest today, bear with me, you will be rewarded.

The fantastic digital art of Rodney Gee. Go see this piece over at DeviantArt. Yes yes, go. I’ll wait.

Pretty neat, yeah?

Two very cool links via Queen Bee. is the on the road diary of two South Africans cycling through America. It’s pretty damn awesome, and I can fully admit my total jealousy. Via them I learned about, so yeah, there’s a mattress on the lounge floor somewhere in South Africa with your name on it. Or something.

And on to the art of one Mark Ryden. Creepy and kitsch at the same time. I give it two thumbs up. And a wicked grin.

Besides having begun a new YA UF novel (working title Firedancer, but that’s so lame I’ll have to change it soon) I also have a gazillion choreos to learn and remember, and metres and metres of material to cut, sew, and dye.

Obviously in a fit of insanity I’ve decided to go along with my crazy idea of making myself yet another circle skirt, and this time dyeing it too. Um what?  I have a concert coming up, you say?  Oh and I’m in six dances? Um….

The men in the white coats are coming, must dash.

I think I’ll go spin ma poi instead.

Oh Nick Cave? Please to be having my babies nao?

Omg I love the man with an unhealthy love.

From Galleycat:

“Novelist and musician Nick Cave wrote a sequel to Gladiator at the request of the first film’s lead, Russell Crowe. The studio turned down the draft.

According to the Guardian, fans uncovered a copy of the script, that includes Roman gods, time travel, early Christians, and ends with Crowe’s resurrected character fighting in World War II and Vietnam.”

I remember reading And The Ass Saw The Angel while rather drunk, sitting on the bed  of a Cape Town goff called Fifi. And um yeah, then I had to go read it again while sober.

Fifi is also responsible for my love of the name Jarlath.

Stalker cat is a stalker.

Every now and again I come across someone’s work online and think hmmm better keep my eye on this one. Talent!

And then because I have the memory of a geriatric pigeon, I promptly forget.

So now I’m going to try and keep a list of those people on my blog.


I’ll be using the very reasonable tag of people I stalk, and I’ll start off today with Niki Smith, an artist working on graphic novels.

Really like her style.