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Open Source Writing Software – Zim Desktop Wiki



We are going to elope and live on an island together making little word babies.


Zim Desktop Wiki is basically a notebook tool that works by linking things together like a wiki. How fucking nifty is that?


It is super easy to use. I’m running it on Ubuntu but I see there’s a Wndows installer on the downloads page (someone who uses Windows, if you try Zim, please let me know how it works). It’s  fantastic for me, trying to keep order to my vast worldbuilding notes, so I would especially recommend this to anyone writing with a large cast, second world fantasy, or indeed any kind of writing where you constantly need to refresh and interlink your notes.


Here’s a grab of my current Hobverse project notes:



I mean, seriously, how gorgeous is that? Nnnghhh *fondles*


This one is definitely getting a thumbs up.




Dear Diary

Today I killed an entire plot-thread before lunch.

The ‘novel’ is now only 200 pages long but, by god, is it better for it.

One wonderful thing about killing that thread is it also handily wiped out one page of minor revision notes. Neat.

Moving on to the list, and we’re on Organizational Tools now, the first of which is Sonar, another handy little app from Simon Haynes.

This one is a small programme to track your novel and short-story submissions. Clearly designed by a writer, I’d say it beats the crappy little excell spreadsheet I’ve been using by about a million points.

It’s small, simple and basic – all things I like in software. Sonar is 2.2 Mb, and can run off a memory stick.

It installed and opened perfectly using Wine in Ubuntu 7.10 – Gutsy Gibbon (I know I know, I promise I will be running Heron tomorrow) and the setup process was sweetly simple.

I think the market tracker is a handy little feature to store all that info you’ve ganked off duotrope, and it’s one of the things that set this apart from a plain old spreadsheet.

Nice one, another: