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Poor Writer, Sad Writer.

Look at them with their fancy apple products and their expensive apps, look at them writing away, producing masterpieces as they sip their thirteenth latte of the day in that cute boutique coffee shop that only makes coffee from cat shit, or something. Expensive cat shit….you don’t know. It sounds gross but hey if it’s expensive it must be amazing, right?

If only you had [AMAZING NAME BRAND PRODUCT WITH AMAZING NAME BRAND PRICE TAG] you too would be producing effortless prose, nuanced story lines, witty and wonderful characters.

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Quick! Someone catch that plot bunny before it escapes!

So I was playing around with the new and improved FreeMind and a Very Cool Giraffe explained things like hyperlinks and all the cool plot thread shit I could do with it and so I basically e-gasmed all over my computer. I’m a sucker for gadgetry and stuff.

Anyway, while messing about with my map for Firedancer, I suddenly had a bunch of brain things (thoughts?) and my plot veered off from where I figured it was going, took in some side trips for the sight-seeing and the lulz. And um, I changed my book. A lot.

But I’m happy, because I hadn’t actually written all that stuff yet, it was just boiling in the brain-pan, so it’s all good. And I am excited about Firedancer again. 😀