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Lamb curry made from real vegans.

My kids have become increasingly distressed by the realisation that chickens and lambs etc were once actual cute little animals, and aren’t grown in a vat somewhere… (Margaret Atwood, that chicky nobs franchise is looking good 😛) So every now and again I make the effort to buy vegan replacements, but generally the selection in South Africa is limited when it comes to the kind of food I enjoy making.

So it was with great yayness I discovered that Fry’s has been expanding its range, and they now have lamb for curries.

Herewith today’s curry. Please note that this curry is about as authentically Indian as I am. It’s also pretty simple and you can go play around with ingredients etc. I still need to do a proper shop so I just used what I had on hand.

Ingredients:(ie: what I had in my fridge)

  • 1 packet Fry’s lamb pieces
  • 4 medium potatoes
  • curry powder (however you like it)
  • 1 yellow pepper (red would probably look nicer, whatever suits you.)
  • 4 cardomom  pods
  • 1/2 a lime
  • 3 spring onions
  • 1/2 can coconut milk
  • minced garlic
  • oil for cooking

Incredibly Difficult Recipe:

  • Cook Fry’s lamb pieces according to packet, + a few extra cracked cardamom pods and a teaspoon of medium curry powder, plus a few squeezes of lime, set aside.
  • Peel and cube 4 med potatoes, shallow fry until golden, drain off oil
  • cut up a yellow pepper, add to potato, toss in the fake lambkin, add 3 chopped spring onions.
  • Add some more lime juice and ½ cup coconut cream. (I would add more next time, to give this a “saucier” feel)
  • add in garlic/chillies/whatever seasonings you want (I just used garlic because the spawn are not big on heat.)
  • Stir through to cook – about 2 – 3 minutes
  • I served this over aged basmati, with a dollop of peach chutney on top





Super-easy coconut sago pudding

I am trying to “eat down” my grocery cupboard before we move, which means I am occasionally throwing together leftover things and hoping for the best.

This very quick “pudding” came out really tasty, and I’m kinda bummed I didn’t think to take a pic. I will definitely make it again though. Because it’s all the last bits of bags and stuff like that, I dont have any actual measurements, but with a recipe this simple you cna adjust to taste anyway.

Here’s what I had:

  • Some sago
  • 2/3 can coconut cream (CREAM, not milk)
  • an egg
  • sugar
  • a lime.

Here’s what I did with them:

I boiled up the last of the sago, then rinsed it clear, drained it and added sugar, about half of the remaining coconut cream, stirred in an egg (in retrospect, though I like the golden colour it turned, if you wanted to keep the cream white, then just use beaten egg white), grated in some lime zest, and cooked for a few minutes over low heat.

Served in a bowl with a dollop of cold coconut cream melting on the top.
Yeah, I said it was easy.

I can imagine this looking really pretty served as tiny portions in small clear glass tumblers, with a bit of extra lime grated on top of the dollop of coconut cream.


Compensating for my terrible memory by actually writing things down. So here we go…

Last night was probably the most laid-back New Year’s Eve I’ve ever had. Normally the boy and I make a plan to go clubbing or to a party, but none of that sounded appealing. Instead we stayed home with the Spawn and had a mini braai, watched Strange Days (I forgot how much I enjoyed that movie) and then toasted each other at midnight. It was wonderful and perfect.

It also meant that this morning The Boy and I could go walk along the beach with the hounds, and it was glorious and warm, with cold water foaming and swirling about our ankles while the hounds chased each other through the waves and the whelks skated underfoot. On the way back I bought spanspek, mangos and strawberries from the side of the road and we ate that for lunch, washed down with last night’s champagne. And it was while I drank that bubbly that I sent off my first sub of the year, so that felt pretty good. 😀

Later that afternoon we ventured to Muizenberg beach with the kids, armed with rubber gloves to help pick up rubbish, which I think provided the beach-goers with much amusement.


(pic by Lauren De Vos)

I have a vague goal for 2014 to try one new recipe a week, so tonight I made a tomato tart with olive pastry, served with basil, crottin, and a sweet & sour pepper jelly.

This one’s a hit.


Trying to find Mr Burger part 2


Today we tried this mushroom burger recipe:


As you can see, it looks nice, and it certainly tasted very meatily mushroomy, but I’m afraid what with the amount of mushrooms needed (pricey), the sticky fiddliness of making the patties, (ew, I do not like sticky food on my hands), and the Vegetarian Spawn reaction (Complete refusal to even try), that this one will be a special occasion grown-up food.


well it has dead pig in it….

Spar was alarmingly short on meat – no trotters, alas (although there was a rack of chicken feet left, but I dunno if I’m ready to go there yet) – so I’ve gone with making pozole instead.

Because I am a good parent, I decided not to use the flesh of my enemy prisoners children, and went with pork as a substitute.

pozole recipe

Cooking with Sprogs, and other interesting career choices.

Back to homeschooling today, after ten days of sprog-free shenanigans.

The Elder Sprog started learning cooking today, and for lunch we made (with Younger Sprog’s assitance and supervision) snack kebabs: basically a variety of cold meats, cheeses, raw veggies and fruit on sticks.

Seems to have gone down very well as Kitchen Experiment Number 1.

And now I need to clean up the aftermath and then we get to do some maths and reading. OH ANd LAUNDRY. Can life get any more glamorous?!

Presumably only on Thursday, when I haul out the rubbish for collection.

On the wordage front, the grand rewrite of scrapped firedancer has begun. Now with 2 POVs! And a five year jump! Added value for money!

Project of newness – 1577/90 000. I should be done with the first draft by the end of November, unless I start slacking off again.


Em and Gab will be out here somewhere, twinned up. I hate that shit that leaves me a fractured part of a trinity. We’re supposed to be the magnificent three, the steps for the holy throne of the one that was, and instead, Em and Gab have paired off to share a heart and brain and liver and whatever the fuck else they do, and I’m all part but not part.

Tamarillo trees and fauxreo cookies

It’s an amazing day in Jo’burg today; warm and clear, with a slight breeze to ruffle one’s hair as one gardens.

Although there’s been a distinct lack of rain, the trees are budding, and a faint green shimmer is touching the bare branches. So it’s as good a day as any to look at the dry jungle I like to call my garden, and figure out what the hell I need to do…

I’ve been tackling The Blackjack Problem, so I have some clear areas now, (amazing! cry my friends in disbelief) and now today I have planted out some of the cuttings that have spent winter on my kitchen windowsill. I also have a bunch of tamarillo seedlings that I grew from some fruit stolen off Jen’s garden. *grins*

I’ve potted those out, thinned out my chocolate tomatoes (what I like to call grocery store salvagings – hey, what can I say: I’m cheap), transplanted a random shrub (Hi, stolen cutting!) and planted out some marigolds and kale (marigolds from my own garden, and kale seeds actually bought. From a shop and everything).

The Slave did the miraculous and climbed onto the roof to clear the gutter. The gutter which has bullrushes growing in it (I shit you not – we’re pretty craptastic homeowners…). It really looks like it may be time to upgrade the guttering, which is now nothing more than rust held together with a particularly bilious shade of green paint.

While he was being all manly, I was stumbling about the internet looking for gardening stuff, and I came across a recipe for home-made oreos. (yes, I know). After payday, I’m looking at this as a cooking project for me and Sprog the Elder, who seemed rather keen on the notion.

Fauxreo’s recipe here.

Friend Bee posted a link to this post about Not Having To Be Pretty, which I really enjoyed.

“…But in the hierarchy of importance, pretty stands several rungs down from happy, is way below healthy, and if done as a penance, or an obligation, can be so far away from independent that you may have to squint really hard to see it in the haze.”

I have also realised that Afrikaburn is like 2 weeks away. Woops!  I better get a move on with my plans.

Random post with added chow

Black pepper Danish feta, black mission olives, spaghetti, swiss chard….mmmm I have the makings of a yummy supper.

Not much writing done today. Instead I took the sprogs out for milkshake and chips, and bought them new shoes. *is now bankrupt*

Bee came around last night and dropped off some more Scrubs for us. Yay, I have stuff to watch tonight. 😀

Unisa is pissing me off because their site is made of fail and nothing ever loads. I want to study further (yeah, I know I say this every year and then never have the money for it, but I am planning this one in advance – good idea, right?) and I’m kinda stumped as to what direction to take. Since I’m not studying for a career, but purely for my own pleasure I have way more options open to me, and yeah, I’m kinda spoiled for choice. I need to focus a bit. Of course it would SO help if I could actually find the Unisa Calender pdf on their site.