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Why I Don’t Know Who You Are

Like most writers, I have fairly unenviable social skills. I say strange and inappropriate things because I want to compliment someone, or because the awkward silence has gone on a minute too long, or because I have had too many glasses of wine at that book launch thing and trying to be a normal human is hard.

But this weekend while I was hanging out with far cooler people than myself at the Franschhoek Literary Festival, I realised I have an added disadvantage.


And this is totally a problem I have with both facial and name recognition. All people look pretty much the same to me unless there is something remarkably distinctive about them, like they have only one leg, or pink hair, or are nine foot tall. And even then we probably have to meet several times in real life, within a context that I will remember because of Events, so that I will be able to associate your collection of features and syllables with that set of conversations or actions.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say I have face blindness – I don’t know enough about the condition to know if I fall within those parameters – but it is a very real problem for me.

This did make FLF a little distressing for me because I felt terrible when someone would say  “Hi, I’m so-and-so, we met last year,” and I am literally shaking on the inside because I now have to scramble through my index of associations and try get all the things in the right place and let me tell you that never works well.

So, no matter what it looks like, I am not snubbing you, or being wilfully rude, or pretending we’ve never met, I am just panicking on several levels. Be kind like you would be to a small child, say your name slowly, and give me an association I can use (“We were at Bob’s party and I told that terrible joke about an elephant and I wrote a book you said you liked, you nitwit.”) and give me time to set the pieces in place. I will get there. 😉



Wait…you say these people are real?

So in a fit of foolishness some time back, I purchased a membership for World Fantasy Con in Brighton this year.

Foolishness because a) have you *seen* the Rand/Pound exchange rate? and b) have you seen the Rand/Pound exchange rate?

There are c’s and d’s and e’s, of course, things like..who will Spawn-and-house-and-pet-sit? What if the plane crashes? Omg, other people, I am terrible around other people, what was I thinking?

But there are plusses, like, hey, this is my first trip overseas in like…15 years. Okay. This is my second trip overseas. Hush. This will be The Boy’s first trip overseas ever and he is going to have such an awesome time. I am going to see people I only ever get to chat with online.

And that’s the part that just made me sit back and go whoaaaah. Because I’m looking at the membership list and like…wow. Some of those names are people I have followed on LJ for almost a decade? And…they’re real. That’s bizarre. The world is bizarre. I need a lie down.

Anyway, if you’re going and you see me, say hi, because I will probably be terrified inside and feeling completely lost and out of my depth.



Writing links.

This post on the multiple personalities of writers amused me greatly.

Also, not 100% sure of everything that’s happening, but Flycon is starting today/tomorrow/depends where you live.

Details here and here

In my own news, I have done with draft one of Sea Rose Red. It’s short (50k) but pretty dense. I think after it’s composted for a bit we can aerate it with some dialogue, and enrich with some subplot.

And on that note, I leave you with three lines from the begining, middle, and end.

Pelimburg is a city of rain and mist and spray.


I don’t think he meant to be cruel to me; just that for him, I barely existed.


For some strange reason, I am convinced that it will come to life, turn into a little ebony snake and strike straight at my heart.