Cat-Waxing Memery


I managed to scrape out my 750 words today, and since DiscordianKitty tagged me, I have another reason not to work.

As you can see, I have won this prestigious award. It has questions, you know the drill.


Okay 11 random facts about me:

1: I really like Chinese food. I never get it. (is this two facts?). Sadly, I don’t even think there’s a Chinese place anywhere near where I live, and The Boy is obsessed with pizza so. Yeah. I think I am beginning to hate pizza. Which is pretty sad really because I already hate a lot more things than I like.

2: Most of my best friends live in a plastic box. The other day I realised that there are people I have been friends with online for a decade, easily, and I have never met them. That’s kinda weird, but also kinda cool. And hopefully when I get to WFC this year, I will be able to hang out in meat space with some of them and it will be awesome.

3: I have always wanted to own my own bar. Like…really. It’s not even a cool life ambition.

4: I am a design-school drop out because I hated every minute of it. I wish I’d had more of a spine when I was younger and insisted on fine art instead, but my mother was convinced that the only way I would make any money with art was if I studied design. Let me explain something, if you hate graphic design and advertising, you are not going to make money anyway. Learn from my weak-willed spinelessness and do what you want to do.

5: I am hellishly insecure about my lack of formal post-high-school education and I am convinced everyone is judging me for being stupid. It’s part of why I love sites like Open Culture and Coursera

6: I hate most people I meet. Sometimes I like them briefly but then they say things and I realise that if I had no moral code whatsoever I would probably just tear their eyeballs out and feed them to my children.

7: I actually like more people than you would imagine, from that above fact. Basically if we’ve met and I haven’t given you the sullen death glare we’re probably okay. And if I have, I might still get over it. It takes me a while to warm up to humans.

8: I like music more than books. Much more. I could live without books, but I would die without music. Stories I can make up, music I am fail. I need other humans for music.

9: I grew up on pulp Science Fiction novels and Horror. I write neither. My dad was a huge sciffy and horror fan and I read most of his library books, always about exploring new frontiers etc etc. His taste for fantasy was pretty limited, but having a well-rounded background in SF led me to other interesting stuff.

I read this one a lot.
I read this one a lot.

10: Almost all of these things start with I. It is very boring. But that’s okay, the chances are pretty high that you didn’t get to this sentence. If you did, I salute you. Here, have this shot of tequila.

11: I sound like a telemarketer on the phone. I have this ridiculous “phone voice” that appears out of nowhere when I have to speak on the phone. I think it’s a defence mechanism because I hate speaking on the phone. Email me, cats.


Okay, now for the part where I nominate people. I am not nominating you specifically, but I am actually nominating you. You know who you are. Also, I need coffee.


Then the questions from DiscordianKitty:


  1. You’re given the option to permanently relocate to either 100 years in the future, or 100 years in the past. Which one do you decide and why?

100 years in the future. Hopefully I can then mess with the minds of my great grandchildren. I hope some of them grew up to be demon-hunters.

  1. Who was your first celebrity crush?

Prince. Shuttup, I wasn’t the only one.

  1. What is your alignment? (Non-nerds, an explanation can be found here)

Chaotic Good. I think.

  1. You get to become a professor in something they teach at Unseen University or Hogwarts. What is it? (made up subjects plausible in an alternative magical universe’s magical school acceptable.)

I would totally be teaching the students to distil alcohol from dreams and use the resulting liqueur to see the future.

  1. Putting aside common sense, skepticism, personal conviction and fear of hell, what religion of all the religions in the history of the world would you choose to be the right one?

Is there one where we all just chill out and be friends and leave each other alone? That religion, whichever it is.

  1. Comedy or Tragedy?

The best comedy is tragic, the best tragedy is highlighted by moments of painful comedy. YOU CAN’T MAKE ME CHOOSE.

  1. You have a button that not only destroys Facebook, it removes all traces of it from everyone’s memory but yours. Do you press it?


  1. All YOU need is?


  1. If you were not the sexual orientation you are now, who would you want to make sweet, sweet love to? 

All of them.

  1. List five of your favourite words.

amphibian, anarchic, tumble, scrattle, inoculate

  1. Name something silly that makes you happy for irrational reasons.

Terrible cheesy slashy tv shows. Like Supernatural, Torchwood, Merlin, etc.

all these questions are number one. I like that, everyone’s equal, baby.

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