Buy Nothing December (and a wee bit of November)


Every yeah, our Christmas gets a little more expensive, and it’s time for me to adjust my mindset. In truth, we have only one income, so living like we have 2 is kinda ridiculous.

And it’s not like I have a shortage of *stuff*. Like most homes, ours has accumulated a bunch of unused crap lying around, shoved in drawers etc. So I’ve decided that except for the 1 present I still have to buy, and except for the books for the kids presents (these are second hand anyway, because my kids go through too many books), and basic groceries, this will be a Buy Nothing Month and a Bit.

Before I buy something, I need to see if a) it’s absolutely necessary b) do I have a suitable substitute c) can I recycle something else to use?

Part of this also means we will be a lot more conscientious with our recycling. (I admit, I can get … lazy) and really think about what we’re throwing away.

It’s also a good excuse to really go through my pantry and cupboards and see what I actually have. (Cat, you do not need 3 bottles each of blue, red, and green food colouring….)

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