but but but I only watch fantasy


So, I’m pretty sure anyone who reads this lame-ass blog knows that when it comes to movies I like sad miserable stuff with as much messed-up relationship GUH as is possible to squeeze into 120 minutes, but tv is a whole other beast.

I am normally all over shows like Doctor Who and Torchwood and Being Human and Supernatural. And anime. Lots of anime. (To a sad and disturbing extent, I’m sure, but no fanfic yet, because I find fanfic HARD to write.)

I also have this much interest in sport: –

So why am I devouring seasons of Friday Night Lights? Can anyone tell me this? I mean, I don’t even know anything about American Football (beyond it being some game Americans like).

I’ll tell you why – because that show is EPIC like a fantasy. It’s not subtle, it throws conflict in your face. It amps up the drama all the time. If you say, Okay, now this is going to happen because it’s the worst thing that can happen – it happens.

It’s the same reason I watch Breaking Bad.

(Downton Abbey is different because a) costume porn, so shut up. Also b) nnghhh yes)

Possibly a writing lesson in that for me, but yeah whatevers.

I have no idea what this post was about beyond um tv has apparently consumed my life, and oh yes I am working on stuff, I promise.

Oh and Nerine Dorman wrote an article thing about me and it’s in The Star tonight, in the Tonight section so that is something I never thought would happen. WHOAH NELLY.

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