It is a truth universally acknowledged that Cat is a Cat of Very Little Brain.

Or at least, a cat with a rather poor memory. It’s winter again. I forgot how cold it gets, also how damp and grey. *stares at towering piles of mouldering laundry* I’ve always told myself that I will never own a tumble dryer because electricity costs but the time has come for me to face the truth. Having no tumble dryer is fine in Joburg where the winters are dry and the summer rain comes like clockwork at precisely 3:12 pm, but in Cape Town…not so much.

Yesterday I was trapped in the outdoor office by hail. Then wind, then deluge, then more hail. During most of this the sun was shining through one blue and spotless section of sky. So, yeah.

Anyway, back to my dryer. Since I have no knowledge of home appliances, I did the logical thing and asked facebook, and I ended up not buying a dryer at all, but some weird little spin dryer called a spindel. We shall see.

Somehow I shall make it through winter, and in the meantime I will have tea parties with the Spawn, finish these godforsaken edits, feed the winged pigs all the birdseed, and get used to wearing the same clothes endlessly.


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