bread day!


So whee! We made bread.

First off, I have no oven – well, I have this mini oven thing with no racks, so making anything in it is a bit of a challenge.

I also have no camera. I do, however, have some craptastic cellphone.

So with these molehills before me, I decided to make a picture post about breadmaking experiments in the Haus Of Maow.

Warnings have been made.

Here’s the recipe I didn’t follow: Crusty Italian Bread.

I followed it as much as it suited me. Like, I used honey instead of sugar, and because I had the yolk from making the glaze, that got chucked in the mix. (I mean – what the fuck must I do with a lone egg yolk? This is your brain on baking?). Also, something about Cape Town means I need to use more flour to get a good elastic dough (6 cups to their 5).

And ten minutes of kneading? Yeah…more like ten hours. At least, that’s what my wrists were saying. I just used the eternity spent kneading imagining that my bread was a giant stress ball and I was destroying the faces of my enemies.

My enemies are all pretty faceless and have no distinguishing features. Like eyes or noses. Apparently.

Okay boring. On to the bad pictures!!!

First! This is how you know my MiL adores me and thinks I am truly skilled at housekeeping. It’s not a hint, it’s a gift. 🙂


My ingredients!

That’s totally not Sprog The Younger in the background, sitting in her pyjamas, playing on the computer. Note the utter lack of furniture.

Next! My dough baby, waiting to rise and take over the WORLD!




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  1. omg my mom would totally give me that book if she only knew of its existence. also I love Sprog the Younger in the background, and I want to knead my enemies’ doughy faces right now!

    1. That book…

      All the women in the family got one. I mean it’s a helpful book, but damn the moment i got it I looked around my house and went, “shit.”

    1. It was WAY tastier than I expected. A little heavy, but considering my oven…I was very pleased.

      1. Yes yes more food posts FTY! <<— That's For The Yum by the way 😀

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